Culinary Consultant

Michel Husser

With 40 years of gastronomic experience in my own Michelin star restaurant, today I want to share my passion with. When I was young and after a diligent training in Strasbourg’s school of hotel and culinary arts, I had the chance to gain experience alongside Paul Haeberlin (Auberge de l’Ill) and Alain Senderens (L’Arquestrate).

Finally, I succeeded to my dad in my family's restaurant, Le Cerf in Alsace, awarded with Michelin’s stars since 1936, without interruption.

My cuisine has been granted 2 stars for 20 years and begining of the 90’s I have been nominated for most promising young chef of my generation. In 2001, I won the so prestigious title of Iron Chef (in Japan) and I was the laureate of the Bernard Loiseau Award in 2016.

My curiosity and my will to travel made me share my passion beyond my restaurant : Japon, Canada, the United States, Germany, Singapore, Thaïland, the Philippines, as many countries and styles of cuisine that inspired me and allowed me to improve my technique and my knowledge.

My leitmotifs are the accuracy of the tastes and flavors, as well as the respect of the products. My cooking, generous and modern, is inspired by seasons and terroirs, paired with the refinement of the Great French Cuisine.

I always had dear to my heart the training of young cooks, to transmit my knowledge and skills to them. Among my talented formers and apprentices I can cite :

  • Philippe Jego, Meilleur Ouvrier de France

  • Romuald Feger, Chef Executive - Four Season Palace, Londres

  • Kei Kobayachi, Restaurant Kei 2*, Paris

  • Joël Philipps, Esprit Terroir 1*, Strasbourg

  • Sidney Redel, Chef Executive - L’Oiseau Blanc, Paris

Culinary consultancy

Inspired by the best quality of local and seasonal products, I imagine and develop a menu tailored to your wishes and to the spirit of your restaurant.

The selection of suppliers is very important in the elaboration of a menu of reliable and constant quality. I am willing to integrate this process of research and selection as part of the consultancy.

Regarding catering service, I can adapt to your particular needs (food delivery, takeaway, dietary restrictions...) and insure the quality of the provided food and service thanks to my knowledge and experience.

  • Menus and recipes development

  • Selection of products and/or suppliers

  • Conception and/or set up of a caterer service



Cooking staff and service staff

The success of a restaurant is related with the quality and efficiency of the cooking and serving team. Thanks to my great experience, I can provide you with a personalized coaching that will create an optimal, efficient and balanced organisation in these two inseparable and complementary teams.

To perfect this coaching, an in situ internship in my restaurant Le Cerf in Marlenheim can also be offered.

I can also help you in the recruitment of your personnel.

Vacuum cooking training

The objectives of this training are:

  • mastering of conditioning techniques and vacuum cooking to facilitate the setup and preserve the taste and quality of products

  • the knowledge of the sanitary risks and the regulations of this technique

Demonstration of different cooking techniques (short or long) and the critical analysis of the trainees productions are an integral part of this training.


After an in situ observation, I will present a report with the possible improvements you could make. The object of these audits is fully adaptable to your needs and can concern:

  • Tasting

  • Organisation of kitchen work and/or equipment

  • Organisation of the room service


Advice on decoration and design

A good table cannot be conceived without an adequate framework ! Claudine, my wife, is passionate by decoration and has been trained in a School of Design and Arts. She can complete my work by helping you to find or improve the visual identity of your establishment : ideas, tips, advice, audits, projects, work following

Do not hesitate to contact me for any requirement and/or project

+33(0)6 74 79 32 76

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